An alternate approach to Ubuntu Phone Web App containers

It bothers me since a while that Web Apps on the Ubuntu Phone have their back button at the top left of the screen. It bothers me even more that the toolbar constantly collapses and expands during browsing … most of the time it does that for me when I just want to tap on a link. The page content suddenly moves 50px up or down…

Since Dekko exists on the Ubuntu Phone I became a heavy user of it for reading my mails and I really fell in love with the new bottom menu that Dan Chapman integrated so nicely (based on the circle menu work from Nekhelesh Ramananthan)

So this weekend it struck me to simply combine a WebView with this menu work to ge a shiny bottom navigation menu. I grabbed the recent google plus app from Szymon Waliczek, the latest source of Dekko and some bits from the webbrowser-app tree to combine them into a new webapp-container like framework.

You can find an experimental G+ click package (one that surely wins the contest for the ugliest icon) here.

I pushed the code to launchpad together with a README that describes how you can use it in your own WebApp, you can branch it with:

bzr branch lp:~ogra/junk/alternate-webapp-container


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