Unleash the Beagles !!!

Over the last few weeks the mobile (mainly me) and the kernel team (mainly amit) of Ubuntu made some effort to bring up an image for the awesome TI OMAP3 Beagleboard.

Since we literally only had a few weeks and it is already been late in the release cycle when we started the images will have more rough edges than the other ARM images we provide. Also the board only has 256M of RAM so using a Netbook image, even though it is already slightly optimized for low-end systems and ARM usage it will surely use swap on your system if you try it out.

But hey, we made it after all and this will be the base for some really awesome OMAP images in the next releases.

A lot of thanks for endless patience with the “late guys” have to go to Steve Langasek, our release manager for taking the time to review code even after the freezes.
Other thanks for help and for sometimes poking the beagles nose into the obvious go to Loïc Minier and Colin Watson and to anybody else who made that happen in such short time … once again i’m happy to recognize the sholders of the biggest giants around under my feet !

So if you have a Beagleboard, go to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Beagle any try out one of the images, if you dont have one yet, GET ONE !!!
Its fun and you can help out ubuntu on ARM !

PS: There is an untested kubuntu-netbook image here, i heard the kubuntu guys would be happy to hear if it works or not 🙂



  1. braingram · April 23, 2010

    Awesome work!

  2. CTown · April 23, 2010

    That sounds really great!I would love to try the Kubuntu netbook one… but where did you get your beagleboard using hardware? Really love the idea of this though, Ubuntu’s and Kubuntu’s power on the go! How is the battery life?

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  4. Mike · April 28, 2010

    Great work.
    Though it’s really disappointing to see that the only OMAP platform that’s not included in the Ubuntu kernel is yours… 😦

    • ograblog · April 28, 2010

      what do you mean by that ? the currentt ubuntu kernel supports OMAP3 beagleboards

      • Mike · April 28, 2010

        Unless I’m really mistaken:
        > grep MACH debian.ti-omap/config/config.common.ubuntu
        # CONFIG_MACH_CM_T35 is not set

  5. ograblog · April 28, 2010

    oh, i didnt notice that, i’ll ask our kernel team why they didnt include cm-t35

    • ograblog · April 28, 2010

      from our omap maintainer (for completeness): “we had some problems booting beagle with CONFIG_OMAP_MUX. But CM_T32 depends on it. So we had to unfortunately disable the board.”

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