Juggling your ARMs in Karmic (and no more excuses !)

If you are Ubuntu developer but are lacking ARM hardware to testbuild your packages on armel systems and you find using a virtual machine to much effort, i’m happy to tell you that there is a solution for you now !

https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/BuildEABIChroot makes using a chroot for the armel architecture as easy as using a i386 chroot under amd64 if you develop for i386 but dont run Ubuntu i386 as a host system.

So from now on there are no more excuses for you to not help cleaning up the build failures on armel on the FTBFS list !

Please help us to develop the leading OS on armel and you will be rewarded with the best netbook OS to be used on the upcoming cheap and powersaving armel netbooks 🙂



  1. ethana2 · July 18, 2009

    Anything like this for PowerPC?

  2. ograblog · July 19, 2009

    not that i know of. indeed it would be helpful too, probably someone reading this entry knows a similar setup for ppc and wants to comment here

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