Names, names, names ….. and (boo) Vampires !

New name for (not so) old stuff…
The “ubuntu-mobile” image was introduced very late in the release cycle; as we got closer to the release more eyeballs started to look at it.
It was pointed out more and more often that such a generic name is a bad idea for an image; one assumption is that people seem to expect “ubuntu-mobile” to be something for a phone rather than targeting mobile computers.
As many community members pointed out in umpcportal comments as well as in personal mails, ultra mobile PCs are a more precise term for the target architecture of the image.
So four days before release the decision was made to go with the new name “ubuntu-umpc” instead of using the generic “ubuntu-mobile”.
A lot of thanks go to the release managers and specifically to Colin Watson for doing such a change in the last minutes before release.
You can find the renamed image at the usual place on
Note that only the image name itself could be changed at this point. The meta-package is still called “ubuntu-mobile” until jaunty development starts.
If you use the alternate CD or DVD and want to install the task you still need to look for the Mobile task. The “ubuntu-mobile-default-settings” package also keeps its name until it gets jaunty love.

Give Blood!
On a more exciting side-note the Canonical Mobile Team is hiring, we’re thirsty for fresh blood! Stay tuned for details and if you are interested, interesting and eager to become a blood donor 😉 feel free to contact me on IRC or via mail any time to channel your application to the right people.


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