Life update and new blog

After i decided to finally not need my personal server anymore i somehow also stopped blogging, since i didnt feel like using a public blogging service …

Recently i often felt like having to tell stuff to the world, so here i am, back to life on wordpress.
Lots of stuff happened in the last year i spent without blogging so i’ll give a short bullet list of things…

* I never mentioned we moved from the little Eifel village we used to live in to Kassel

* LTSP was turned into a multi distro collaboration upstream project, fedora and gentoo joined upstream development (done collaboratively only by ubuntu and debian before) very closely and we work as a big team on the code ignoring distro barriers now. (opensuse sadly decided to fork off our code and work in their own corner on a kiwi based ltsp implementation… that doesnt mean its bad (it seems to work great) but we’d love to see them working upstream more closely with us). Here is a report of our first collaborative hackfest in portland last month (the next one is scheduled in early november in maine, if you are intrested to come, feel free to ping me).

* My work on the Classmte PC image is largely finished, if you have one of the granddaddies of all netbooks (yes it predates the eee) and are intrested in installing an edubuntu based image on it, ping me (i wont post the url publically here even though the site is available for everyone, to simply keep the load off the server)

* Doing all that subnotebook work with edubuntu somehow got me into the area of mobile devices where i do a lot of work now, in case you follow ubuntu development you might have noticed that we are switching to hal-input for Xorg. I noticed that somehow leaves out touchscreen users so i try to fix this regression before the intrepid release… In case you own a device with a touchscreen, please send me your lshal output and your working hardy xorg.conf and i will try to integrate support for your device.

* I got a warning that i am treating myself to bad …. Im out of hospital since two weeks now after having a so called TIA … living on coffee and cigarettes only over months doesnt work out, i cut down both massively, drink water like a drainpipe and started doing regular cycling as well as cooking. intrestingly the week of tests in hospital only turned out that i’m as healthy as i can be at my age, they didnt find nothing at all that could be responsible for teh incident beyond my way of life.

* LaserJock is back in edubuntu land … all my technical focused work the recent time left edubuntu somewhat in a maintenance only mode without much improvement, LaserJock recently returned and to push things forward again to get the educational bits and pieces in better shape.

* mdz blogs !

* Ubuntu mobile desktop … scotts post about Concept Distro somewhat fits with the (currently still exerimental) ubuntu-mobile desktop package …. a fully touchscreen manageable gnome based desktop system for 1024x600px based devices (i.e. the Samsung Q1 ultra) i’m currently playing with …

* I upgraded my mom’s laptop from edgy (6.10) to hardy (8.04.1) … no noticeable support calls so far

So i think thats the full set of most important milestones of my last year … i’ll try to be a well behaving blooger again from now on and hassle you less with such massive lists but keep single entries to single topics 🙂



  1. Jerome · August 27, 2008

    It’s nice to see you blogging again Oliver 😉

  2. teapot · August 27, 2008

    na endlich! ;·)

  3. shermann · August 27, 2008

    Welcome back 🙂

    Hugs to Suse 🙂 and it’s time to schedule a visit…it’s too long ago

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